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Python module : google, shodan

from Pastebin import PastebinAPI
x = PastebinAPI()
url = x.paste('1f2bcfc951d60cfc9c650f807173a207' ,'Snippet of code to paste goes here',paste_name = 'title of paste2',api_user_key = '4f95b64d1969e3f177f9492e3a5efc49', paste_format = 'python',
paste_private = 'unlisted',paste_expire_date = '10M')
print (url)
from google import search

for url in search('lgdisplay', stop=20):
import shodan


api = shodan.Shodan(SHODAN_API_KEY)

    results ='net:')
   # results ='')
    print ('Results found: %s' % results['total'])
    for result in results['matches']:
        print ('IP:%s' % result['ip_str'])
        print (result['data'])
        print ('')

except shodan.APIError(e):
        print ('Error:%s' % e)

Author: SK,Seo

Me! Name: SK Seo

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